You Need Guns to Overthrow a Government?


Does the statistic of 0.1 guns per 100 people in Tunisia include the guns owned by the security forces that were indiscriminately firing into crowds of demonstrators during the protests?

Say, what does the failed coup in Bahrain and the successful coup in Egypt (resulting in a military dictatorship) have in common?: They were both backed by the CIA. Ever heard of Amber Lyon? You should probably Google her.

And while I agree that even with the highest percentage of private gun ownership in the United States, this has not prevented the country from sliding into a fascist police state, it might just be prudent to own a couple firearms for defense as we continue to deteriorate into third world nation.
Talk of overthrow is silly but...
If money spent on the military were the most important thing, the U.S. would not have lost in Vietnam etc. etc.
Spindles: The coups in Bahrain and Egypt were backed by the CIA? Considering that both governments have been clearly supported by the US, I think you ought to provide some evidence before people take that claim seriously. And you realize that the military has been running things in Egypt for more than 50 years? The military power in the current Egyptian government is not some new thing that sprang up as a result of the uprising against Mubarak.
Vietnam? It was useless! What were we fighting for? We should have never been there! Corporate gain!