Is it Okay to Make Fun of Dreadlocks?


Liz says that white people who dread their hair do so because it's "natural" and "closer to the earth" etc. How does Liz know they think this? How many white folks with dreads has she polled? Privileged middle-class kids do it to "emanate poverty"? I think Liz must mean "emulate," but that's her assumption that dreads are inextricably linked to poverty. Seems rather judgmental and presumptuous.

Finally, where does "cultural appropriation" begin and end, given that culture has spread globally for hundreds of years so that virtually everyone is doing things that originated in various areas of the globe? Is cooking curry and getting tattooed also cultural appropriation? Does it depend on where all my relatives came from?
The "Portland-specific problem" is constant lecturing by 20-year-old white people about what is or isn't racism.
You also should have known, SMirk, that bringing up dreadlocks at all would lead to nothing but whining. For some reason, it's just part of the package.
The only Portland-specific problem I've noticed is people assuming that everything they don't like that happens here is a Portland-specific problem.
It's perfectly fine to make fun of white people with dreadlocks (WPWD) because it looks ridiculous. It also looks like they're from the mid-west, because the Pacific NW got over that in the early 90's.

When I see a big pile of WP dreads on someone over about 25, I always wonder if they really would rather just cut that stuff off, but they have X number of years invested growing it, and their identity all wrapped up in being "that guy/girl with dreadlocks". And they just can't bring themselves to do what they secretly want to do and get rid of that crud.

But yeah, make fun of them. Just not their face.
I've kind of always wanted dreads, if only to save me time and effort preening-wise. Purely for laziness' sake. But i've always been too chicken.

Most would label me as 'white' (but i prefer the more accurate, 'mutt') and, yes, i imagine they would look pretty damn horrible on me, but that doesn't worry me nearly as much as not being able to *thoroughly* clean my hair does.

I guess i'll just have to choke my girlfriends the old fashioned way.
So nice to see the cultural appropriation discussion on the table.