Meanwhile on MOD: Menswear 2013


I like that second outfit almost as much as the one Melvin Belli (look him up) wore on a classic Star Trek episode:…
Ha, my friend from high school used to park Melvin Belli's car! Small world.
Ha, my country usually has a casus belli! Small minds.
There is no excuse for an outfit such as the one in the 2nd picture. NO FUCKING EXCUSE. And look in the background -- another version of it in 'mayonnaise white'!! GOOD GOD.

The old Pink Floyd line, "You're nearly a laugh, but you're really a cry...", comes to mind.

President Obama needs to table this gun control nonsense for a little while and focus instead on more pressing issues, like banning this sort of thing and punishing such designers in the most draconian of ways. MY GOD. THIS HAS TO STOP. THE (non-human) ANIMALS ARE LAUGHING AT US!!

(And my chicken legs put that model dude's to shame, by the way.)
That second photo reminds me of Matt Davis.