Hales' Interim Transportation Chief Also a Campaign Contributor


Hales had plenty of complaints against Tom Miller --but complaining about the lack of a national search was never one of them.
That's not true. Read what Hales has said.


However, Adams did not publicize the opening at the Transportation Bureau. Consequently, there was no competitive search to fill the position that eventually went to Miller.

In an interview this week, Hales said that was wrong.

"This isn't personal," he said on Friday. "There are major issues in the bureau, and it needs a fresh and fully qualified leader."


Hales has expressed two main reasons for his desire for new leadership at PBOT. The first is that Miller was appointed to the position in January 2011 by his former boss, Mayor Sam Adams. The lack of a national search to find the most qualified candidate for such a high profile position didn't strike Hales the right way. In April, he told us that, "As Mayor, I will insist that no one is hired to direct the city's bureaus without a national search among top professionals in the field." In his defense, Miller has said that it's common practice for bureau chiefs to be appointed.
I, for one, think that safety should be PBOT's first priority, not cracks in the fucking roads.
So what? You mean he actually hired someone - on an interim basis - with a working knowledge of transportation? And he hired someone that felt strongly enough to contribute to his campaign? Yawn.
Did Widmer bribe his way into high powered city jobs for $1,600? What's Hales going to do, use that money as a down payment on a certified-preowned Honda?

Denis: You assert that Hales campaigned on the issue of the circumstances of Miller's hiring.

But the Oregonian article you've cited twice says no such thing.

And the bikeportland.org post raises this issue with Hales --but the interview took place two weeks ago, not during the campaign.