Good Morning, News!


Regarding that rapist, I saw him on the streets down by the SW 10th ave food carts at 6pm Wednesday night. He was carrying a black trash bag walking alone. I am 100% certain it was certainly him.

On Reddit the other day was a picture of a man, supposedly this rapist, next to Lincoln High School. This man's victims are young girls, and he’s certainly going to rape another girl and then stab her, and here was a picture allegedly of this man right next to a high school. His registered address in PDX is at NW 9th and Lovejoy.

I thought for a moment when he walked by me, "Here's a guy I should just kill. No one will miss him, and I'll be doing humanity and my city a favor."

I went to the bar and met a friend. It wouldn’t be right for me to be an executioner, but it’s certainly not right for this man to be walking the streets of my town. Thank God he’s leaving.
"Psh, I could hijack this plane in my sleep if I wanted to!" *falls asleep*
Portland has fighter jets? It's a relief to know that we can devastate the Greshamite ground troops long before they can threaten Gateway or the airport.
Also, no more late-night "Dexter" marathons for someone I won't say who.
It's really difficult for me to have any sympathy for a serial rapist. He's been convicted four times? How many rapes has he perpetrated that were never reported? Fuck that guy, I do not believe in Capital Punishment, but maybe if he just died of an aneurism or something?
I'm in love with this comment at OregonLive about why we maybe shouldn't condemn sex offenders too harshly:

"It is a slippery slope we are creating here by creating an underclass of citizen. First they came for the sex offender and nobody cared. Next they are coming for gun owners..."
@Todd - Portland International Airport has the only fighter jets for all of Cascadia. There's sometimes temporary fighter jets out of Alaska, but not during this time of year. We have 8(?) F-15s, maybe 6 now. 75% of them are operational at any one time. The theory is that the US Navy would stop any threats before they got here, and that the Portland Air National Guard units are just a quick response team until the actual Air Force or Navy units arrive from California.
Gallup had Obummer at 49% today.
@fid_ax: If Belize makes a grab for McAfee, sounds like we're well-prepared to stand them off.