The County Has a Special Crisis Hotline for Cops. The Cops Rarely Call It.


Interesting and worrisome, thanks. MHCC's page says they operate 24/7. CATC's page lists their direct line but also the MHCC directly under it, and says MHCC manages admission to the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Center. Also that they'll work with police to refer patients to the correct facility. So how is it unlike the old 24 hour dropoff at the Providence Crisis Triage Center? just in that it requires a prior phone call (and may direct them elsewhere)? or did Providence want them to phone ahead too?

I'll be interested to read police response to this, if any.
CATC does not directly take people who are acutely psychotic, violent, minors, drug or alcohol dependent, only take uninsured or certain OHP, do not do night admits and ultimately get to select who they take. They have a total capacity of 16. Mult Co crisis and Proj. Respond take people to the ER. For the most part they have not made that much of a difference to the city's mental health crisis. What are you expecting from the police?