The Fun Stops for TSA Employees


Thank God. No more kiddy porn for those asshole.

Will they still get to feel my balls if I opt-out? (Wait, will I need to opt-out?)
Now when I ask them "how ya like my dong?" it will make less sense. I will still ask them though. One needs to elicit feedback from time to time.
And if your company manufactures a product whose name could easily be read as "Rapey-scan," you're probably in a bad profession.
The scanners at PDX are millimeter wave scanners (… ), not the backscatter x-ray Rapiscan machines. Only the Rapiscan machines are being phased out. While the millimeter wave scanners don't have the same health concerns, they do have the same privacy issues.
They were called Rapiscan machines? Seriously? Why wasn't that word in, like, every headline?