Good Morning, News!


"pulled a gas gun"

wtf is a gas gun?
Maybe a CO2 powered bb or pellet pistol?
Yes Cara, astrology = bullshit.
5,000+ people in Salem yesterday. About half were Veterans. The event was largely organized by the internet, I'm not sure who did the volunteer leg work of opening public bathrooms and getting a PA system set up, but the volunteers did an excellent job (Kudos!). No problems at the event what so ever.

The crowd was what you would expect at a Pro-2A gathering: Tea Party folks, Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians, a couple biker "clubs", Lars Larson spoke the most. I was surprised at seeing several shaggy haired guys who clearly were in "a band", some hippies in tye-dye, and also there was a (very few) people of color. There was a some people that had some really positive signs with messages about mental health and SSRI drugs, I saw at least one sign about "End the drug war." The crowd was really family friendly - and again, an overwhelming number of Veterans.

I didn't wander around the crowd too much. I'm disappointed that the Unions didn't come out. Hell, I'm disappointed no Muslims came out. I'm disappointed no one sparked a joint while we were there. If you're a liberal and a supporter of guns it's really important to show up to these sort of events, show up with a big-ass gun on your back (even if it's just your grandpa's .22). This crowd was very welcoming to anyone regardless of political affiliations, the person who brought the PA system made that clear from the get-go. I think there's another event coming up on February 8th, though I doubt it will be well attended since Obama's policies are entirely neutered.

I'll tell you this: Open Carry rallies are an AWESOME spot to meet super hot girls.