On the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, We're All "Pro-Life"


I have no problem with any of those signs. If the pro-life movement are indeed so worried about abortion they should be the biggest advocates for sex education, easy access to birth control, etc. Instead, they push abstinence-only, and ally themselves with moralizing religious wackos.

A pro-life movement that made a big push to avoid unwanted pregnancy the centerpiece of their whole deal would be fantastic, even if I am pro-choice. Getting unwanted pregnancies down as low as possible should be what everyone is working towards.
From a purely logical marketing standpoint I want the anti-abortion movement to switch their brains over from punitive restrictions to financial incentives. Why not make pregnancy and single motherhood less of a financial hell/career suicide?
I've never minced words about supporting abortion rights. I'm also in favor of access to sex education and birth control, which the wackadoos have been working hard to eliminate, as Blabby points out.
I guess I can back the "Oral sex prevents abortion" signs. Very rational and utilitarian. I didn't understand the "Men/women regret abortion" signs. Made no sense in my mind cos my partner and I have ZERO regrets. I also didn't agree with the signs stating "As long as abortion is legal, the psychotically insane can kill/abort our children with guns". That's just weird melding of two different issues that do not correlate.