Re: Portland Nerds


I want this sketch to assume human form so I can punch it in the face.
I didn't hate that. Pushing boundaries? Delving deep? Saying something original? No, but definitely above the bar for your typical Portlandia sketch.
Yes, thank you. Sort of touching and sweet but misogynist.
WTF? So it didn't bring up your pet cause, ergo sucks? Now that is a Portlandia moment.
The problem with emphasizing the misogyny of the idiot nerd girl meme is that it relies on a nasty stereotype of true nerds. Misogyny is a problem-- but in "reality", and not just in fantasy WoW circles, or whatever you use to define a nerd. Nerds I've met are a diverse group and don't deserve to be slandered like Edidin does. (reading "a culture that regularly responds to criticism from women with flurries of rape threats"-- I don't know ANY nerds who do this. Maybe she means "Nerds from a Particular Suburb of Phoenix on February 13, 1987" or something, i don't know)

The sketch reveals the tragedy of the true nerd-- and tragedy is humor, which Richard Pryor (among others) taught us so well. Outside of the bubble of the Atlantic Wire-- which purportedly is telling us "what matters now" by publishing Edidin's accusatory nerd stereotypes-- is it misogynist? No, but it's painfully funny.