Interview With the Lawyer Who Argued Roe v. Wade


It all started with a publication called The Rag?! No one tell Blabby...
"The [University of Texas] health center had a policy that no one was eligible for contraception unless they certified they were within six weeks of marriage"

This country has some fucked up history.
@ azure: Congratulations for winning this week's 'understatement of the week' award.....You win a free round-trip to Texas, where there is still PLENTY of fucked up shit to be in fear and awe of. (Governor Rick Perry, for one...)

@ Sarah: I know you have short-timer's and all, but this interview is a bit short, no? Surely she allowed you more than 5 questions?

Anyway, good luck -- stay out of harm's way.
It's blowing my mind that there was a time when the larger interests would allow a 25-year old to argue a case of that magnitude. Can you imagine N.O.W. or Planned Parenthood, upon hearing someone was about to argue Roe v Wade 2013, just saying, "Good luck with that?"

To catch you up: now, organizations often band together to buy off people making appeals to the Court that they AGREE with, because they are terrified about creating bad law.
FYI: You can listen to the actual oral arguments from 1971 here:
Commenty Colin-- Ms. Weddington met with Dr. Guttmacher (of Guttmacher Institute fame, when he was a doc at PP) and PP's head policy person to help prep up on this case, so PP was supporting her back in the day, too! But you're right, interests would band together now and have resources to get big name lawyers. Back in the day this was a scrappy grassroots thing. The cases now in 2013 that are grassroots are in similar, under/non-funded straights-- without large, decades old non-profits backing them-- they have scrappy grassroots non-profits who are struggling to survive backing them.