As the local theater community waits to find out if the Theater Communications Group will hold their 2014 conference in Portland, our visual arts scene just got a boost that's just as significant: This morning, PICA announced the formation of the Precipice Fund, a $75,000 pool funded by the Warhol Foundation which will go to support "Portland-based unincorporated visual art collectives, alternative spaces, and collaborative projects." Translation: Small, under-the-radar arts organizations that may have trouble qualifying for more traditional grants.

PICA will administer the fund in the form of 15-20 microgrants ranging from $500-$5,000. The Warhol Foundation has committed to backing Precipice for at least two years, with the possibility of extending their commitment further.

From the press release:

The Precipice Fund will deliver support to unincorporated visual artist groups, informal organizations, and initiatives based in Portland, Oregon, who are presenting new work in informal, but significant ways. Recipients must have a public presence, intersect with diverse audiences, and contribute to the vitality of contemporary art practice.

Oregon Arts Watch has a more in-depth look at the grant, including details on how it'll be administered. Application details will be available April 1—check in with PICA's website for more details as that date approaches.