RoadTrip: That Old Scappoose Sizzle


Hey Chris, did you see what a colossal and irredeemable dick Martin Cizmer again proved himself to be? There's trash talk and a complete mis-characterization of your Southland review. The guy knows fuck-all about beer and yet he's their beer expert. Christ. What a prick.…
I only ate at Longfellow's once, but the rib eye was cooked perfectly. Mind you, this was two or three years ago.
I just went and read that WW piece, too. I didn't get too much trash talk there, but at least one claim - that Chris pretty much only writes positive reviews - struck me as bullshit.
I don't think much proof is required to know Martin Cizmer is a dick. Speaking of, anyone want to see my Longfellow? :(