The End of an Era: So long, Suki's Comedy Open Mic


If it weren't for these new meds I'd be so crying right now. Thanks for hanging out everybody!
I will always remember the night that a drunk girl tried to kill a clown with a chair. RIP Suki's open mic.
I know right! I just did a (bad) imitation of gay cowboy porn for my girlfriend. Miss ya Dax!!
I didn't reply in time for my thoughts to be in this article, so I apologize for being a turkey and having to write this here. I would have said that every now and then it was the perfect place to do comedy, and inspired many of my more experimental ideas in the first two years of stand up. People complained all of the time that it was really hard to do well there but I think that might be bullshit. You had to find the right frequency of the room, which was always there, and broadcast only on that. My favorite moment was Cinco de Mayo 2009 when Jimmy Newstetter and I did the canoe bit, where I turned a stool over and sat on it using the mic stand as a paddle while wearing a sombrero and talking in a dumb southern voice. Jimmy had two cups in his mouth and was Mr. Duck. Gabe Dinger came in at the end with a sugar packet in his mouth as Mr. Beaver. And watching Richard Bain fuck around with Ira was so good they should have charged money for it.
I'll never forget the night Alex Falcone impaled a police officer with a plastic spork. RIP Suki's open mic.