Clinton or Warren in 2016?


Yes, but he had also been the president of the Illinois State Senate. Elizabeth Warren has never been an elected official. Big difference. The learning curve is steep, no matter how smart/awesome/principled you are.
@Drunk: Elizabeth Warren was elected United States Senator from Massachusetts this last November.

While I would support a Warren run for the White House, I doubt that should could get the corporate support that is needed to run a Presidential campaign, since she was so hated (by Wall Street & banks) during her rolls as the chair of TARP and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under President Barack Obama.
Democrats running an outspoken liberal female Harvard professor from Massachusetts would be right on par with Republicans running a corporation-raiding fatcat investor rich kid worth hundreds of millions, i.e., the other team's wet dream.
Hilarity asks: "What difference does it make?" What difference does it make if everybody thinks that four Americans were killed and their deaths were falsely blamed by her on a satirical FLICK about Moe?'

So, well then, what's the diff?
Yeah that'd be as bad as running a black constitutional law professor twice.

What the other team wants or doesn't want matters less and less with each election. What matters is shifting demographics in key states, and which party is best positioned to take advantage of those demographic swings.
MonkeyBeat, to clarify, I made my statement in response to the idea that both Obama and Warren would be running for president as one-term senators. I'm quite aware that she is currently an elected official.
Elizabeth Warren is neurotic. She lacks Hillary's stability. If Warren was the nominee she, like Obama, would become surrounded and courted by the Wall Street crew and she'd turn into your typical status quo Democrat, only she'd lack the political skills of Hillary. It's a cute idea, this poll, but in reality it'd be a nightmare.
The question wasn't who is more electable, the question is who do you want?

Each of us prioritizing the former over the latter is a huge part of what is wrong with the system.
“Does it matter that a usurping president and grossly incompetent secretary of state lied to the nation throughout the presidential election regarding the cause of the attacks? And what difference does it make that U.S. foreign policy is conducted by Mrs. Clinton’s personal attaché and a practicing Muslim, Huma Abedin?”

•“Who at the State Department was responsible for opening up and continuing the operation of the ‘Special Mission Compound’ in the unstable environment of Benghazi, overriding physical security standards for diplomatic facilities?” Fournier said the department’s “unexplained decision to create a new category of diplomatic structure, i.e., the ‘Special Mission Compound,’” for the purpose of “skirting the established physical security standards” for embassies and consulates was the “critical error.”

•Did the director of diplomatic security or his immediate subordinates have authority to countermand the department’s desire to open “SMC Benghazi?” Fournier said frequently, security policy and standards “are set aside as inconvenient, restraining, time consuming or simply less important relative to loftier goals foreign policy goals prosecuted by the department’s elite.” He said one need go “no further than Benghazi to see an example of the aforementioned managerial arrogance with the department.”

•Why did Ambassador Stevens travel to Benghazi so close to the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks? The Judicial Watch Special Report presents State Department warnings in July, August and September advising against travel to the Mideast in general and Benghazi in particular.

•“Why were two unmanned aerial vehicles requested to record the deadly events as they unfolded in Benghazi while more lethal air support options were not on station?”…
Why did the defacto president allow Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty to die?

That is the question we need answered. That is the question the media aren’t asking.

The British had removed their consulate people, and Stevens had been requesting help in the face of deteriorating conditions – but still Obama and Clinton chose to keep Stevens there in a worsening situation that was certain to (and in fact did) lead to death.

Woods, Smith and Doherty were told to stand down when they requested help. They were ordered no less than three times to stand down when they indicated their intentions pursuant to getting Stevens and themselves out alive. Why? Woods and Doherty were former SEALs; they weren’t shout-and-shoot weekend warriors…
Warren obviously, if I wanted a whiny biatch who would work tirelessly to exterminate the Palestinians I'd vote for Lieberman.
Ron Brown did go down. Just before 3 p.m. Croatia time, the Air Force CT-43A that bore him drifted “inexplicably” off-course, sideswiped a hill nearly two miles from the Dubrovnik airport where it was headed, and skidded to a wrenching stop.

Hours before the first American arrived at the crash site to confirm Brown’s death, while at least one American passenger still lived, President Bill Clinton and his faithful bride Hillary descended on the Commerce Department and, in the artless words of CNN, “eulogized his friend nonetheless.”


Clinton told those gathered that Brown had been “so excited” about his trip to the Balkans because he hoped to “help people in that troubled place have the kind of decent, honorable and wonderfully ordinary lives that we Americans too often take for granted.”

In truth, Brown was not excited at all. When he met with Clinton earlier in the week, Brown begged not to go. At this, the most anxious moment of his life, he dreaded the prospect of the trip.

There was nothing decent or honorable about it. He was sick of being, in his words, “a mother-f–-ing tour guide for Hillary Clinton.”

But Ron Brown’s body had one more story to tell. At the U.S. Army base at Dover, Del., three days after his death, U.S. Navy CPO Kathleen Janoski, the forensic photographer, noted a nearly perfectly circular hole in the top of Brown’s head. It would measure just about .45 of an inch in diameter.

“Wow. That looks like a bullet hole,” said Janoski.…
The crash killed all 35 people on board. NATO command center would warn helicopter pilots searching for the downed aircraft to steer clear of active SA-6 surface-to-air missile sites within the Bosnian borders.

Hillary understood the risk. In her memoir, Living History, she told how she and daughter Chelsea had to wear flak jackets and sit in a reinforced cockpit in case of snipers or ground-to-air missiles, and there was no reason to doubt her.

The question the media should have asked in 2008 is why Hillary took Chelsea, then just 16, on such a trip in the first place.……
Can we give Warren at least a term or two to work her majick? Plus, Scotty Brown doesn't need any more chances. Cheeeeeerist!
As if the elections aren't rigged? Back before the Internet was big, I subscribed to a news letter called the "American Patriot". The issue that came out just after Bill Clinton was sworn in for his first term as prez, as so too was Dubya Bush as governor of Texass, there appeared in that month's issue, an obscure paragraph; almost out of context. Without any explanation, all that is said was: "It has been decided that George Bush Jr is to be the next president of the United States." Eight years after that fare fetched statement of fact eventually came to pass, Patrick J. Buchanan noted that "Bush got elected on the thinnest of credentials." There will be nobody pulling the strings for Warren. Who we'll get will be either Biden, Kerry or Romney. Hilarity will be in prison or out of the country.
Snarky Democrats used to 'joke' that the aged president, Ronald Reagan, was senile. After he finally left office, Iran-Contragate heated up, and a subpoenae was to be issued to the ex-president to testify before Congress. Coincidentally, before the hearings were to take place, Ronald Reagan had been diagnosed with Alzheimers'. Hilarity may be planning something in that vein with her supposed blood clot.