Conservatives are up in arms over the fact that female soldiers can now get up in arms. Wonkette has already noted Michael Goldfarb's epic Twitter poem about how this marks the end of American honor. But other conservatives think this is part of a greater Obama scheme to destroy the US military. Here are some comments on a National Review post about the news.

Subterfuge to make it harder to garner public support for going to war. Go ahead and call me a war monger, but sometimes wars have to be fought. This is bad policy.

Open homosexuality in the ranks and women on the front lines.
I'm sure Patton, MacArthur, and Schwarzkopf are looking down on all of this with great pride.

The Left has been plotting to destroy the U.S. military for decades. It's finally succeeded.

As everything does, it gets worse when you go to

.ummm... miliatry needs em... cause recruitment is being impacted by lack of leadership... and maybe women won't mind firing on their own countrymen... you know... same gals who support late term abortion... they make good killing machines...

They will head for the hills first time they hear gunfire. Scream at the top of their lungs if they see a spider while sneaking up on the enemy. No thanks.

There is so much more after the jump and it is all so terrible.

Women will not be able to fight like a man. Whole thing is a joke.

They'll have to reduce the standards. Trust me. Women can't hack it in general.

Combat is no place for a woman, sorry to break it to you, but it isn't.

what does this say about the whimps not only amung us, but those in command, up to the commander in chief? will anybody feel great about heavy casualties of women killed in combat, because metrosexuals were too worried about thier hair? what is wrong with us? it is not that i believe women are not capable of fighting, it is that i believe women should not have to fight!

Good Send Hillary in!

Women can't hack it.
They couldn't hack being firefighters in Los Angeles either.
They are not built for that.
What they ARE built for will become evident in fighting holes on the front line.
When men go to dig those holes, they'll dig two and use two different kinds of tools.
And then the ladies will be expected to cook and to serve and dress combat wounds.
They'll be expected to administer sponge baths to the "wounded."
I am a former infantry Marine, and I joined at the wrong time, apparently.
(I'm only kidding. I would never do that. My wife was my first.)

Damn shame when a GRUNT on an operation can't whip it out to take a leak!! ;-))