Is "Deez Nuts Be Saggins by Bilbo Baggins" the Best Thing Or the Worst Thing the Mercury Has Ever Published?


It's as funny and smart as poo-poo/pee-pee humor can be. It's not the worst thing y'all've published, but Alison is right -- it's nothing to get all high-fivey about.

(And, yes, i'm making the assumption that it's not her, but rather Erik, touting its bestness.)
Well, it's no Larry Wamsutter. I still say "Jesus freakin' pancakes," when I get frustrated.
I don't always see eye-to-eye with Erik (or eye-to-saggin-balls either), but I thought this was pretty fuckin' funny.
I'm just impressed we got Bilbo to write a column. That's a huge get!
He's actually quite small, Alex. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE!?
It's pretty awesome but nothing will ever top "I Slipped The Banana To Hannah Montana - by Carlos Santana."
By voting that this is the "best" thing published by the Mercury, I don't mean to say that it is "good."
So next week can we expect "It Hurts When I Pee by Samwise Gamgee"?
Needs a poll so we can vote. I vote good but not best. I seem to remember Captain Picard, The Hulk, and Mike Daisy in that spot being some of my favorites.
And "Where All The Chicks That Fuck?" by Meriadoc Brandybuck the week after.
@chris for some reason, polls don't show up on our mobile site. it's currently 46 votes for Best, 59 votes for Worst.
I'm really looking forward to "Bitches Be Trippin'" by Merry and Pippin.
Get bent by an ent.
"Why Does Everybody Assume I Must Have an Immense and Fiercely Powerful Love Log? by a Sexually Inexperienced and Actually Rather Modestly Hung Balrog"
It is the worst thing. Make no mistake. There's already no real need for your fake alternative rag to exist in a town this size. why compound your difficulties by culturally defecating in public? tree killers!