Why China's Major New Role in Hollywood Is Cause for Concern


Dongfang Daily is the best name for a newspaper ever.
Yeah, we're all whiny and indignant about this, stomping our feet and grumbling, but, in the end, we'll smilingly walk the line that China draws regardless -- we care way more about money than we do integrity, 'artistic vision', and unfettered freedom of expression.

Any filmmakers that stand for any of this state-mandated expurgation bullshit are as bad and shameful as the censors themselves.

As is the case in more and more of our country's dealings, we're China's devoted bitch.
A couple of years ago there was a British TV program that was going to show the US president being assassinated. It was rewritten because that wouldn't have been allowed to be shown in the US (apparently you can show old presidents being killed but not the current one). Films and TV that show an American terrorist rarely if ever get made because they wouldn't be acceptable to the more patriotic parts of the US audience. Don't kid yourself into thinking this kind of thing only happens in China.
In the early days of the film industry, it wasn't uncommon for prints being shown as part of traveling roadshows to be edited on the fly to match the sensabilities of the communities they were showing in.
No one cares that Texas dictates national education policy so why should we give a shit that the new biggest consumer of "culture" wants to dictate what that culture consists of?
Haven't y'all seen 'This film is not yet rated'? Sure, American films have freedom of expression but the Ratings board can kill a film's distribution deal with an R/X rating it does not deserve. This happens mostly with independent films as the Ratings Board is in cahoots with the major Hollywood studios.