Al Roker Pickled in Poler


Casual appreciation of the outdoors is very fauxthentic, good call on them to capitalize upon that. It's like the bicycle fad. If a "racing bike" is too tech / dork / midlife crisis for you, why not get a 50lb Schwinn from the 1970s? You can appropriate it and make it yours, man!

This is the 50lb Schwinn of sleeping bags, suitable for use while drinking beers formerly associated with the working class and thinking about how rustic it must feel to be Bon Iver.

I wouldn't be caught dead in this thing, but you can't deny that its designer is either a mad genius... or has transcended the seventh circle of inner douchedom.
This thing actually seems kind of practical to me. Ugly, but practical. But then again, I also have a 50lb Schwinn.
Is there a men's version with an extra zipper for a quick piss/handjob?
Sorry, urination/manual stimulation?
I'd get behind the HJ opening. Because sometimes that quirky indie chick you like is saving her virginity for the lead singer of that one band she likes. Take what you can get, my fellow aspiring graphic designers!
All I'm getting from this discussion is that Chunty judges people based on what they own and has been rejected by one or more "quirky" young women and still harbors a grudge.
Oh and a means of transportation in consistent use worldwide since before cars is a "fad." Good call.