Nightclub Fires Don't Kill People, People Kill People


Didn't think the asshats at the Stranger couldn't find a way to politicize this tragedy and make it about gun control???? Think again.
@ Spindles:

I think it's quite a fitting analogy -- in general, we need a little oversight, whether in regard to capacity limits/safety precautions in places where people congregate, to who can and cannot own/purchase a firearm, to who and how one operates a motor vehicle on public roads.

And like the article states, it's (insane, sideways, incompetent, disturbed) PEOPLE control, not gun control.
You're right, we'll just pass a law saying people can't do illegal things.

That will work this time, for sure!

We can just promote it as: “ATTENTION CRIMINALS: a new law has been passed saying you must obey the law when it comes to guns. Seriously.”

@Goldy - “Our nation is suffering an epidemic of gun violence totally disproportionate to that being suffered anywhere in the world that isn't in the midst of a bloody civil war.”

This statement is just factually inaccurate, just look at Mexico.
Mexico is in the midst of a bloody civil war. Pretending that warring factions of massive global cartels aren't legitimate actors in a civil conflict there is the pinnacle of willful ignorance.
@Drunk - OK fair enough, except the drug cartels are not seeking political change in their country, and they could be entirely appeased by changing one policy in this country.

So, what's the story with Jamaica, Guatemala, Brazil, and Panama?
Yes, they are. Absolutely. How fucking much of an imbecile are you? Politicians are violently murdered all the time in Mexico as a result of the conflict stemming from the cartels. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
Also, list of unrelated countries without any insight or analysis! Winning the argument!
@ fidelity:

"So, what's the story with Jamaica, Guatemala, Brazil, and Panama?"

You're talking about apples and oranges, man. Apples and fucking broccoli. I think what Goldy was pointing to in the statement of his that you took issue with are things like school shootings, which clearly are more prevalent here than they are in other countries, even when we take into account things like population.

I only performed the most cursory of searches, but some of the numbers i found are astounding, and shameful: One source states that 31 school shootings have occurred in this country since Columbine (in '99), while only a combined 14 have occurred in that same time WORLDWIDE.

Perusing another couple of pages/sources, again not including and since Columbine, i counted 50 school shootings in the U.S. compared to a combined 27 WORLDWIDE.

We are a sick people.………
So, our country constitutes about 5% of the world's population, and is responsible for what percentage of school shootings? 50%? 45%?

Fucking sick.
@Drunk – you’re looking at the violence in Mexico as an insurrection, not as criminal violence. There is a profound difference between Al Capone and Che Guevara. The reason politicos are killed in Mexico is not because the murders are seeking political change. My apologies for not connecting the dots: those are all nations with a higher firearm murder rate than the United States, according to Wikipedia. Again, Goldy’s statement is factually incorrect.…

@Human – Yeah, we are uniquely prone to a type of psychopathy in this country. School violence in other countries is usually political terrorism. Again, I think America’s problem is a result of Big Pharma and SSRI drugs. Let’s not forget, too, that our government is the biggest killer in this country, and that’s done for no good reason as well. I’d wager my paycheck that more children have died from drone strikes since Sandy Hook than children who have died during Sandy Hook. We are a particularly sick country to care about our own children, but not the children of other nations.
Anyway, stepping into filibuster-ville here again for a second:
The "gun nuts" are entirely correct when they say that it's people who do the killing, etc. And when the rebuttal is that no one racks up that kind of body count with a machete, that person is also completely right.

There y'go, Goldy. Your analogy was kind of a stretch.
I never said any such thing, fid ax. The killings in Mexico are not an insurrection, but they are indeed politically motivated casualties in a civil conflict. You just type yourself in moronic little circles, don't you?

It's like when a python starts eating its own tail.
I wonder if Eric Holder ever got a personal thank you from the Sinaloa cartel for supplying them with all those guns from Fast and Furious?
@drunk - "Mexico is in the midst of a bloody civil war." "not an insurrection...casualties in a civil conflict"

I'm thinking you just don't know what a civil war is... for there to be a civil war, you have to have an insurrection, at least according to the definition. Mexico’s war is really created by America for a whole bunch of reasons I won’t get into, but we fund both sides of it. Mexico is fighting against cartels and gangsters, not against political actors. You could juxtaposed the cartels to an actual insurrectionary force in Mexico, the Zapatistas, who fit the definition as an insurgent group in an active civil war with the Mexican government.

@Drunk, if it makes it easier, we can just compare our dicks and call it good. I’m about 3 and a half on a good day, less usually.

"An oddity of the New America is how we stumble dealing with problems solved not just by our peers in other developed nations, but in our past. Gun control is but one example. Other nations, our peers in the developed world, have accomplished what we’re told is impossible for Americans: reducing gun ownership. In our past we were able to regulate guns without cries that we shredded the Constitution. In brief, we see ignorance and amnesia — what conservative leaders consider ideal qualities for citizens."