As if wandering around our local science museum after hours with other big kids wasn't awesome enough, OMSI's next After Dark edition centers around the always-fascinating subject of food. Think microwaving marshmallows and setting things on fire* and demonstrations involving hard-boiled eggs. Presented by the museum's new eatery, Theory, "Science is Cooking" sounds like a delightful way to spend this probably rainy Wednesday evening, safe inside with a beer, some edible entertainment and the delicious company of other food nerds. Also, to celebrate the opening, the first 250 attendees are promised a free glass of wine (the event runs 6-10 pm, so get there early). Tickets are $12 for non-members, $6 for members, and free to After Dark members. It's a cash bar, too—plan accordingly. See you there, fellow gastronomic geeks!


OMSI is located at 1945 SE Water.
*Liberty may have been taken in interpreting the remark on their event page about exploring the burning of calories. Things may actually not be set on fire... but you never know.