Would You Pay for YouTube?


The title on this headline is misleading. Google isn't going to make youtube as a whole a subscription service, just certain channels of premium content.

I think they are already smart enough to know that nobody will pay to watch shaky videos of cats or skatepark fights filmed on a cellphone.
Yes and No.

I would want to pay for certain youtube channels, and I already donate money to my favorite channels. For example, ordering seeds from Growingyourgreens channel, or donating Bitcoins to AdamVsTheMan. It’s not hard to fill 40+ hours of video content each week with subscriptions, the hard part is pinning the dumb-fucking youtube User Interface. Youtube’s website is pathetically sad – seppuku levels of embarrassing for the team who created it. Then the Youtube team keeps trying to “fix it” after the dust settles from their previous fuckup, and then everything is ruined even harder. It’s impossibly stupid and frustrating for everyone. This is emblematic of problems with Youtube.

Youtube should allow their “Youtube Partners” to scale their level of advertising to meet their needs. If a Partner wants to interject 8 minutes of commercials (that users can’t skip) into a 22 minute video – that’s fine. People will watch it or they won’t, and the Partner can rock that money on cocaine and hookers until their next vid. The advertising money should be funneled straight to the Partner with Youtube skimming a modest fee off the top as the service provider. The problem right now is that Partners are unable to scale their advertisements to sustainable levels, for example Nutnfancy alluded to making “at best a couple hundred a month”, yet his videos easily reach 100,000 views regularly, and he puts out 8+ hours of content each month (so, assume 20-40 hours went into creating). It seems that 98% of the content on Youtube is created without the purpose of profit, but for the Partners who have content that is really successful, they’re only getting pennies back on their investment of time and energy.

The solution to this situation, as in most situations, is just to expand choices. Partners need more advertising choices. Youtube has been trying to jam square channels through round services, the moron’s at Google just don’t get how it should work, but Google still believes they must dictate how all of internet society works. Youtube can introduce a fee-based service for their 2% of profit-based content, but that will drive people away from it. Let the Partners figure out how much advertising their viewers can stand.
No and No.
Actually yes, because I don't use if frivolously to look at cat videos and whatever creepy shit your editor watches. There are actually pretty good resources and archival materials on Youtube.