While this reminder is quite possibly superfluous, I also know you're a busy person with a LOT on your mind—SO! Get your advance tickets for tomorrow's super fun all-day affair The Malt Ball at the Wonder Ballroom! Your favorite craft brews specially made by Oregon's finest brewers AND the best music Portland has to offer! Check out this smokin' hot lineup:

First Showcase

2:15 Street Nights
3:00 Minden
3:45 Marty Marquis
4:30 Hausu
5:15 Old Light
6:00 Caleb Klauder Country Band

Second Showcase

7:30 Divers
8:15 Wooden Indian Burial Ground
9:00 Gaytheist
9:45 And And And
10:30 Sons of Huns
11:15 Radiation City

AM I FREAKING KIDDING YOU? No, I am freaking not! That's a ball-bustingly awesome lineup, but here's the best part! You can buy tickets to one showcase or both—depending on your stamina factor. PLUS! And very important: if you purchase your tickets in advance from right here before tomorrow, we'll include four tasting tokens (eight if you get an all day pass) to start your drinking off right. Otherwise, you'll have to buy your tokens in addition to your admission at the door. WE'RE BEING VERY NICE ABOUT THIS, so don't be a dum-dum and buy your Malt Ball tickets in advance... like right NOW!

Read more about the Malt Ball here!