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There is a perception that we have a veterans’ suicide epidemic on our hands. I don’t think that is true,”

OH WHAT THE FUCK! Those lying fucking VA sons of bitches!

It is true that the overwhelming number of suicides among the veteran population is with older vets. However, the State of Oregon's numbers show that 18-24 year old veterans kill themselves at a 5 times higher pace than non-veterans. Between ages 25 and 65 the risk of veteran suicide drops significantly, however it is still higher than the regular civilian population. In addition, Oregon has one of the worst suicide rates in the nation.

Here's something the story doesn't tell you: the previous rate of 18 veterans suicides per day had been known by the VA for years. CBS enquired if the VA had estimates about suicide, and they LIED, flat out lied to the media in a FOIA request. They even sent internal emails saying "We have the numbers, but do not share them with the media." These lying SHITBAGS at the VA didn't want the numbers published because it would show how the government doesn't give two shits about veterans. Just look up Dr. Ira Katz - that mother fucker should be hanged: they deliberately covered up an epidemic to cover their own pathetic ass.

If you know a veteran, encourage them to seek out a community of like-minded vets, there’s dozens in Oregon and several in Portland. Veterans help veterans more than anyone else. Another option, which works for me and 90% of the veterans I know: get them to smoke pot. At least encourage them to try it to deal with sleeping issues, anger issues, or diet issues. Substance abuse is another huge problem within the military, and using pot as a crutch is certainly better than meth, cocaine, booze, or pill addictions (even if the VA gives them the pills). Also, veteran suicide is not limited to combat soldiers, even the supply clerks and people who never deploy face significant risk of suicide. Please talk to any veterans you know and encourage them to meet other vets.

Hey Dennis – go plant a reporter outside of the VA for 3 or 4 hours and ask for interviews of people leaving. If your reporter isn’t arrested, they will leave extremely depressed and with all sorts of horror stories – a cruel and hilarious way to fuck up a new intern.
One correction, do not encourage people currently serving within the military to use illegal drugs - people out of the military (veterans), are a different story. Of course, don't encourage it if they don't show signs of troubles, and check if any potential disabilities qualify the veteran for the OMMP green card.
@Fidelity Axiom, well said. The sad truth is that regardless of the mechanism you cannot take someone who has been though traumatic and high stress inducing situations (regardless of when they occurred) and expect them to fit right back in when they came back. This is highly personal for me and I assume you as well. I have lost a number of friends and fellow Marines due to this. I don't know the answers here. I know we have a serious epidemic here, and the VA is indeed not perfect. In addition people that serve are generally not going to run and seek help in fear that it may appear "weak". The substance abuse issue is indeed a factor as well. Your advice is sound, there are other avenues of help. Don't bury it, don't self medicate. Please believe me, you are in fact not alone although I would understand why someone would feel that way