Another day, another I, Anonymous about the evil people of the world, and... HUH?? Waitasecond... the "evil people" in this one are... the Portland Mercury?!?

So, what’s so innovative about the use of words like “fuck” and “pussy”, the same tired images of women’s body parts displayed for sensational appeal, repetitious references to “dicks” and “nuts”, hideous cover graphics, movie reviews that are either incomprehensible or so negative one wonders if the reviewers have any critical faculties at all, or finally, the focus of the paper which seems very narrowly conceived to analyze news and events from a distinctly White, privileged perspective. This paper feels like a high school rag run by a bunch of hormonally charged teenage boys.

"Repetitious references to 'dicks' and 'nuts'"? Apparently someone (along with three-quarters of our regular readers) doesn't like our newest columnist! Well, let me tell YOU something Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Smarty Britches! Actually we do have a forum for "people telling their OWN stories and coming together to create a true picture of Portland"... and it's called the I, Anonymous Blog! EVER HEARD OF IT? (Drop off your own submission—it's a great place to use awesome words like "dicks" and "nuts.")