For those who assume there's no such thing as love at first sight, read the following I, Anonymous Blog submission entitled, "Beautiful Sausage Eating Woman."

To the Fancy well put together woman on the 17 bus wearing those perfect vintage cateye glasses, red wool coat and super awsome shoes. Why the fuck would you eat smelly sausage on the bus. When I got on I thought somebody shit themself. Then I saw you were eating those sausages. Realizing they were sausages and you were eating them, I got hungry, real hungry. They smelled so good. No longer shit but yummy sausage. I got home, bought some sausage and ate them........Then masturbated.

WHO SAYS ROMANCE IS DEAD? (P.S. Sometimes I fall in love with sausages, too.) Got a confession or rant you need to get off your chest? Try the I, Anonymous Blog—it's how sausage is made!