Worst-Case Scenario for Housing Budget: Closing Clark Center, Cutting Services for Hundreds of Poor People


WTF is a "culturally specific homeownership fair"?
Endorsements are a bitch, aren't they the Mercury?
Actually, a blind eye to urban renewal tax revenue drains to developer pockets, streetcar subsidies for developers and unfunded pensions are a bitch.
@Ardennes, not sure entirely what you are driving at here, but if the implication is that the Merc may have picked the wrong guy, I have to say that I'd much rather have an adult approach to the budget like we're getting now then what I would imagine to be the "everyone gets cake and ice cream!" approach that JS would have taken. All speculation of course.

If you want someone to blame, don't fault the current administration, you're going to have to look at the past one. And for that one, I would say that I agree - the Merc's endorsements (Adams and Leonard) were certainly off the mark.
This is a classic tactic to preserve budgets - offer up cuts of the services that tug at the heart strings or incite public outcry but leave the real pork intact.
I fully reject the idea that Smith would offer a "free cake and ice cream" approach. He was far more fiscally careful with his campaign than was Hales, and their primary differences were Smith's unwillingness to offer developers big tax breaks and support the $4b CRC bridgedoggle as Hales does.

You are right that much of what will result is the fault of prior admins and mainly the sour economy.
Too bad Mr. Smith punched a woman and punched a recreational basketball player in the testicles and is / was a dangerous driver with no regard for traffic laws and was so dysfunctional that his bar license was suspended more than once.