Big Accusation in Police Texting Scandal: Were They Leaked by Internal Affairs?


We will likely never know exactly who leaked the text messages, but I think it's pretty certain that the Internal Affairs division is just as corrupt and vile as the rest of the Portland Police Bureau. They are ultimately the ones who enable all of the nefarious and toxic behavior of the entire bureau. I’m inclined to believe Kristy Galvan, the person who does not like Nazis (for being Nazis), rather than the Portland Police Commanding Officers Association, who palls around with Nazis (because they are Nazis). Internal Affairs probably leaked them to the PPCOA because they’re all friendly chums who tell racist jokes together.

Does anyone else think it’s curious that the ongoing LAPD rampage was partially inspired by racism and Nazism within LAPD police ranks? In this city, we fired a cop for making fun of Nazis, what message does that send about Nazism within our police ranks?
Agreed fidelity. The PPB is corrupt. And I'm not using that term as hyperbole or shock language. I mean actually corrupt, from (some) officers on the street, to command, to internal affairs, to the unions, to the arbitrators.

The entire system is dirty to the core. We can't fire Nazis. We can't fire people for killing unarmed civilians, or beating the crap out of lawful protesters. We can't demote someone who is stroking his subordinate's leg.

Depressing shit.
In one's humble opinion this is great reporting as always Denis on a very important story. Was just talking with @Lee Van Der Voo the other day saying nobody has yet laid this whole story out in a concise, readable way. "The Kruger Clusterfuck." You know. Of course, it's a novel. Or a documentary really. Sad but true. Yet this man's corrosive influence on the bureau is starting to become crystal clear. If Mike Kuykendall *(who is a complete and total maniac bastard, unorthodox in the extreme, but one at least does sometimes respect his unorthodoxy and think, 'well, at least you're going with your poor old apparently Republican beliefs, misguided though they are, at least I know which pig I'm wrasslin') has been forced to resign because Kruger is such an intractable weirdo, well, I think the story is there. Kuykendall should give an interview. I'd be all, showing up at Kuykendall's house with a microphone and shit. Asking him whether he thinks Kruger is part of "rape culture." He's just itching to comment on it, I bet. Might even punch me in the face or something. Say, I actually happen to be in town Thursday. I might just track Mike down then. That'd be hilarious. He'd probably pull a shotgun on me or something. "Man dies in reporting incident." But it'd be worth it. I'd be Portland's reporter Jesus.