Theater! Theatre! to Shut Its Doors at the End of the 2012/2013 Season


Portland Playhouse. PAC. CoHo. Brooklyn Bay. (Well, BB is more small sized...)
It originally was home to Stark Raving Theatre and triangle productions! and Myra Donnelley and Don Horn bought the building together. This is definitely a sad loss to the theatre community and to their audiences as well.
In NW CoHo is a pretty good black box, and Don Horn's new place on 17th and Sandy is shaping up as an affordable venue.

The BodyVox Dance Center is often available for readings and the like that don't have a permanent set, but definitely tricky for theater, due to the permanent marley on the floor.

I will be sad to see Theater Theatre go. I think everyone in the community has a lot of memories attached to that dusty, dusty low ceiling'd set of rooms.
Oh! Don's new theatre is a mid-sized space, too.

So the building used to belong to the theatre companies, but now it belongs to a landlord from whom the theatres are rented? That's a shame.
Portland may not have many mid-sized theater spaces, but in truth, Portland doesn't yet have enough talent to support a robust theater scene.

I base this on attending theater in Minneapolis and Seattle, where the bar is higher when it comes to what kind of performance you can expect for $25.
I used to live in Minneapolis.

You must be kidding.
The Day Theater on Foster could be a good replacement venue....and eventually the Bob White once they finish renovating.
That is terrible news. Holy crap, we have GOT to get together people. Time to brainstorm alternatives. I went to H2Ms show last night at what I believe is Zoomtopia (810 Belmont). That space has possibilities. Headwaters, yes. I recently rented the theater space at Milepost 5. Challenges, but they are working on them. But obviously, Theater! Theater! is a big big loss. It's a sad day for Portland theater.
Does anyone remember how the Theater! Theatre! building started?
It used to be Periodical Paradise.
I forgot about Imago, too. And Jeff Hawthorne at RACC just pointed me to this handy searchable database of local venues:

I'd love to hear more about the history of the building, if anybody cares to comment (or email me:
oh, and I should mention too that Vertigo's board president emailed me to say that the landlord is working with them to help ease the transition out, and gave them much more noticed than was required by their lease.