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You said above "Man, if only those courthouse security guards had guns, and WAIT."

But it sounds like they DID use their guns to shoot the guy before he killed anyone else, right? What were you trying to imply?
In a perfect world, the pope would open a restaurant in West L.A. with Schwarzenegger called "Benedict Arnold's."
@ Reymont

I was trying to (and successfully did) imply that even though the security guards DID have guns people were still murdered. Therefore the problem is not solved with an excess of guns (as many gun lovers have clearly stated) but rather, the opposite.

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But they shot him! Your point is that they weren't *instantaneously* successful? Is that really the measure of success? Just because he still got some shots off before they killed him, we may as well just give up and not guard important things? That's fricking ridiculous. This is an example FOR the gun lovers. They can say that we should have armed guards everywhere, so that we can bring crazies down fast, like this guy was.
I guess I'm taking the wussy stance of not having an opinion on the topic.

But it amazes me how the hard-core believers on both sides can look at the same event and say "There! Perfectly solid proof of my beliefs!" without even noticing each other.
We are becoming a horribly-hilarious joke of ourselves, and the punchline hasn't even been delivered yet.

If we could step outside of ourselves and look upon our actions and behavior as a detached, unearthly observer would, the view would be comparable to what ours would be if we sat back and watched what would happen in the monkey exhibit at the zoo if we gave a few of them some handguns. It would be some head-shaking-inducing shit, and not at all surprising.

It's simple, really: Just like we adults keep sharp knives out of little Johnny's hands, so too do we need someone to keep guns out of ours.
@ Reymont

And now I will grossly misconstrue what YOU said: You are so unfucking unbelievable! I can't understand why you believe that people should be allowed to enter into any courthouse and shoot people at random! You gun nuts are all alike.

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It's an example of the pro-gun crowd moving the goalposts. First they claim nobody would dare open fire if everyone was armed. Now when someone does, they try and claim "Yeah but if not for the armed defenders, he would have killed *more* people." Firstly, that's speculation, and secondly, that completely ignores the point that availability of guns in general causes more gun violence to occur. If these guys never had access to guns to begin with, this wouldn't be a problem. But that means taking guns out of the hands of crazy people, and the crazy people as we know are already fighting back to prevent that.