All-Star JT LeRoy p:ear Fundraiser


Arbeit macht James Frey.
Has there been a deserved rehabilitation of Laura Albert that I missed?

This is fucking weird. I wouldn't really care if the hoax were being used as a hook to raise more money for a good cause (and even then, only if $0 went to Albert), but who's more likely to attend or contribute because of a decade-old-hoax theme?

Is p:ear too skittish to present people who can truthfully talk about these issues from experience, or would authentic, unfashionable awfulness scare off p:ear's hip donors and artist pals?

The whole idea that someone else almost certainly flew Albert out here and paid for her hotel makes me think less of p:ear and all of the authors involved.

Involving Albert gives fuel to the popular suspicion that for some number of "artists," art is just the means to the true end: becoming famous, hip and well-connected without necessarily having to produce anything of value.

Who the fuck, especially artists with talent actually toiling, would want to voluntarily associate themselves with that idea in any way?

* This whole thing must be terrible from an art standpoint because I'm grappling with thoughts and feelings today that otherwise would have remained blissfully unexamined.
It's blatant from your comments that you know nothing about Laura Albert's work, past, or process. She has been communicatively open about using the pseudonym of JT, because despite your charges, she did live the experiences she described in her novels. Using a pseudonym was her means to be able to handle the incendiary material.
She speaks beautifully about the childhood pain she suffered.
Her viewpoint is unassailable, precisely because she DID live it.
It opens worlds of compassion to those of us who lived different lives.
Your comments are shallow and ignorant.