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The North Korean nuclear program is, as usual, misunderstood/obfuscated/propagandized by many “defense” analysts here in the United States.

The North Koreans are not developing a series of nuclear warheads to destroy an American city, but for the Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP). An nuclear burst at 300 mile-elevation has the capability to fry just about all electronics on the ground within a 1470 mile radius, and knock out all of the communications satellites for the hemisphere. Lingering radiation might affect the possibility of launching satellites for months or possibly years. Basically, a single nuclear bomb in space is a much larger threat than several nuclear weapons on the ground, simply because of the EMP and our dependence upon electronic technology for our economy and defense systems. It would cripple the global economy in a way unparalleled in all of human history. This would give the North Koreans a huge advantage and significantly level the playing field in the event of war.

Americans have deployed experimental systems to counter an ICBM launch, but these systems are unable to engage multiple targets. So, if you launch 5 or 6 warheads into space, you only need 1 to reach its target – and the Korean’s proved their capability to achieve an EMP satellite strike just two months ago. No body dies right away, but everything is ruined.

It’s a real threat – but thankfully we’re squandering our defense resources on manufacturing new enemies.
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