Television Station in Indiana Edits Report In an Apparent Attempt to Make Bigoted Special Ed Teacher Diana "Gays Have No Purpose" Medley Seem Less Hateful


Am I missing something or does the petition only say "To:
Diana Medley @ The NORTHEAST SCHOOL CORPORATION of Sullivan County
Appropriate disciplinary action to Mrs. Medley, including termination.
[Your name]"

How is that even a letter?
"I think God puts everyone in our lives for a reason"

I like that she thinks of other people in terms of why they've been put in HER life.
But it's true. Gays have no purpose. But then, neither do straights or anyone else. This idiot is anthropomorphizing reality. She's wrong on essentially all counts.
I am a student at Sullivan High School. I'd like to say that most of us don't agree with what any of these people are saying, ESPECIALLY Kynon Johnson. His view is that we're afraid to take a stand. The reality is, most of us did take a stand. He simply doesn't like which side we came down on.
On a different note, I have friends who attempted to get interviewed in order to calm down the situation. They were told, quite kindly, that they looked "too intelligent" and spoke "too eloquently". Make of that what you will.
It's sad that this became national news, because that's exactly what the instigators wanted. Now they're happily causing strife, while our lesbian and gay couples are forced into an unwanted spotlight. If you want the real feelings of most of the students, then please come talk to US. You'll see that we're not all hateful bigots.
Chris Schlatter, posting this.
It deleted my comment twice. Language? Whatever.
I'm a senior at Sullivan. Most students entirely disagree with these bigots. Kynon Johnson's comment that most of us agree with him but are unable to muster courage to take a stand is laughable. We DID take a stand. He just doesn't like the side we came down on.
Nobody really cared about this until it became national news. Now, the idiots are happy (MEDIA COVERAGE! mission accomplished!), while the gay and lesbian couples are increasingly uncomfortable at the sudden scrutiny they've begun to feel.
On a different note, I have friends who tried to be interviewed. When they tried to calm the issue down by saying that most people disagree with the "nuts", he was told that he looked "too intelligent" and spoke "too eloquently" to be used as an interviewee. Make of that what you will.
If you want to know how most of us feel, please speaker US, rather than taking the word of these people.
Chris Schlatter, unsure if this is the right thing to do, posting this.
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Chris, thanks for your thoughts. I don't think most thoughtful people think that everyone in your community or HS are represented by these idiots (otherwise, the prom they want would just be the normal prom).

It's actually good that these idiots spoke up, because it helps the culture move forward when it agreee en masse to shout these idiots down. When I was in HS, the internet wasn't yet able to facilitate these outpourings of outrage so these types of people never got called on their BS in such satisfying ways.

It's important to remember that like all polarized debates, the argument will never change the minds of the participants. The more useful function is to affect the "leaners," the people who are on the edge of your camp, who could conceivably be swayed.

Every time we have a national mini-spasm like this, all the rational arguments about why these idiots are idiots seep further into the culture, and more and more "leaners" come join the rest of us non-idiots. The net result is a better culture, faster, for all of us, including the gay and lesbian couples in your town. While it's momentarily embarrassing, they are lucky to live in a time when these idiots are increasingly marginalized rather than empowered.