Why You Like House of Cards


I'm a huge fan of all things Peachoid.
House of Cards is pretty weak when it comes to its political content. Besides the fact that there are no Southern Democrats, what kind of Democrat would mess with teacher unions?! Any self-respecting junkie of politics would immediately slap his dealer for selling this kind of low-grade shit. Then again, I'm not paying for it so...
Useful idiots. I do wanna check it out. But not sure about getting a Netflix account just to do so.
Chundy, you are wrong. There are Southern Democrats, and they're opportunistic Dixiecrats like Frank Underwood. And opportunistic politicians of all stripes mess with interest groups of all stripes, especially when they know those groups have little clout in their home districts and they need a compromise to pass legislation. Just....just stop.
But would a Democratic president be complicit in such a public screwing of unions? More importantly, would actual (or imaginary Netflix) liberals ever allow a Dixiecrat like Underwood to consolidate that much power in the House? No. Slow your roll, D&W.
Yes, if his hands were clean of it and it accomplished a campaign promise. And yes, if it kept a more moderate/conservative/BlueDoggy wing of the party satisfied with current leadership. You're a moran.
I'm more inclined to believe that a congressman could orchestrate the murder of another congressman before I could be convinced that a Democratic president and Congress would mess with the AFT. You don't fuck with teacher unions: Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee learned that in D.C. But that's just real life.
Man, didn't realize there were so many people opposed to water towers shaped like peaches.