Get Things the Creepiest Way: U-Lock-It Self Storage's Whole Unit Auction!


You were never special.
What could have been something interesting ( harvesting the detritus of failed dreams) got turned into the banal by the authors autobiographical story of a visit to IKEA.
Some of us happen to be turned on by photos of naked women fondling sleek, elegant, beautifully decorated snuff boxes. SO SUE US!
Graham & Blabby = grumpy old men who are secretly ashamed of their own IKEA furniture and storage units...

(Though i bet Blabby is just being sarcastic.....Graham, on the other hand, seems to be extra insulty lately -- everybody better mind your Ps & Qs and stay north of so-called banality, or you're gonna get it...)
@HIT: your mother is a banality.
I have had to go through storage units in New york. Interesting stuff at times along with a few things that led to calling the police...not so good. Here is to hoping you don't find any human remains or a badly preserved crocodile. Some cool antiques would be far preferable
Touché, Graham.