Happy Monday: The New Lille Boutique Lookbook Is Out!


creepy. Why is Lille so big on featuring child like models?
Skinny, yes. Child-like, no. I suppose, though, that everyone really should check with "gloworm" before deciding on a modeling career.
No, honestly, she looks 13. I'm sure she isn't... I looked 13 til I was about 30. They could mix it up a little with the body types, though, never mind banning anyone for looking waifish.
Xauen and gloworm are correct. Todd, I challenge you to go on their website and look at more pictures.
I've seen the website. The models look like cute young women...what a surprise! Some look like air guitarists in Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love," or refugees from a Helmut Newton photoshoot. They do not look 13; if they do then I went to the wrong junior high. (If the models had larger breasts I suppose someone would say that Lille has a sleazy cleavage fetish.)