The Walking Dead (and Girls) Chitty-Chat Club!


I wish the cast of Girls would get eaten by zombies.
Raycism is much better than racism; Dunham should put more of the former in her HBO television program than the latter. I much prefer "half-assy subplots" featuring Ray & Adam than anything involving Brian Williams's daughter and/or the daughter of a pseudofamous photographer.
HAHA. Walking Dead is THE STOOPIDEST WORSTEST show ever! Wait, what happened to the black people in the prison? Have they been T-dogged out of existence just like that? If you're going to be racist WD, at least give 'em some screen time before you cut them from the show.

Nice shootout, Guv! Who knew that an unflinching macho pose in the direct line of fire protects you from flying bullets! So cool!!

It just dawned on me they named the nerd of the show Milton. OH VEY.

I implore all of you to go back and watch the scene where Andrea asks Milton where the governor is. It is perhaps the most pathetic display of poor acting and lazy-shit dialogue in TV history.

I swear this is the case cuz I watched it over and over but the zombie The Guv kills during the shootout-the one who comes up behind him-is the EXACT SAME ZOMBIE EXTRA who Rick sees coming towards him when he rounds the corner out the prison about a minute later.