Will You Be Better Off Than Your Parents?


Barring disaster or financial calamity, I will certainly be better off than my parents. At 27, I already make more than my parents combined and equal or exceed them in assets.
Can we discuss raising the retirement age yet? It is now common for people to spend more time on social security and drawing a pension than they ever spent actually working.
I once went from making about $25/hour to making $9/hour.....i had to drop the Belgians and start drinking PBR, for one. "Goodbye Domaine Drouhin, hello Yellow Tail."

Good thing my parents are hard-working, financially-prudent folks -- i stand to make a good amount of money when they finally kick off.

And that'll happen not a moment too soon: By then, (assuming my plan to win the lottery hasn't panned out in the interim), i'm sure i'll be unemployed, in bad health, (more) worthless, a father to 4 (5?!) illegitimate children, and addicted to fauxcaine and fried chicken legs. I can't wait.

I love you, Mom & Pop. Don't worry -- i can hold out as long as you can -- no need to rush. (This Yellow Tail ain't so bad, despite the insulting marketing scheme.)
Places like Britain have already raised the retirement age. The two problems with it are:
A) there aren't enough jobs to go round already, without making the workforce bigger.
B) the elderly vote in bigger numbers that the young, and have more money to donate to / bribe politicians, so congress will never vote for it.
Can we take a moment to talk about steady state economy?
Because believe it or not, economies, consumption, mcmansions, etc. cannot grow forever, despite what capitalists everywhere would have you believe.