Good Morning, 'Merica, How Are You?


No, I didn't know that.
I can't tell if half of Paul Constant's articles are mocking self-parody or not.

Wrestling is fucking stupid. But considering billionaire Vince McMahon is a big-time Rino republican and his wife Linda has run two unsuccessful bid's for a US Senate seat in Connecticut, I'm guessing this is a page out of Karl Rove's 'demonize the Tea Party because they're cutting in on our share of the pie' playbook.
I really hope this is parody, because if not you are incredibly dense and reaching really hard. It's a work and an obvious one ( the angle is of course immigration reforms and government money). This angle is obvious="all american" Jack Swagger who has not featured prominently of late (could be injury, or lack of draw) needs a lightning rod. I actually saw one of these shows or part of one anyway (I used to watch like ten years ago..maybe once every few months now if Im bored). A similar gimmick was used by Mexican wrestler Alberto Del Rio last year (referring to undocumented aliens being criminals). Guess Alberto is a tea party member too,eh?