Gif or Jif? The Definitive Answer to One of Life's Most Important Questions


D Mantel is a jod damn idiot for thinking that letters always sound the same in the enjlish lanjuaje.

The only people I've really know to pronounce it "jif" have been old, weirdos, or old weirdos.
I like the idea of using unrelated words (gerbil, gym) as linguistic support, because by that logic, I can cite giant and gigantic and call it a "Jife." (Which I won't actually do, since I remain convinced that the hard G is correct.)
You sir, are an idiot.
Man, speaking of blowing a synapse. You. Right now. You just blew one. And then the burned synaptic tendrils extended down to your keyboard and wrote this post.

I regularly pronounce it with a soft G. And I do not give a shit if you pronounce it with a hard one. And I don't think Wilhite's decision is sacrosanct. Pronounce it how you like. This is the internet. You don't have to listen to people say these things. You just have to read them, and then you can pronounce them however you like in your head. This is only a problem for you because you have a podcast (and/or friends - GREAT! - good for you) and you say words like this outloud and then people mansplain to you how they're supposed to be pronounced. But alas, you have posting privileges on this blog, and you're under the delusion that these thoughts of yours serve an important function. But I assure you that for most people IT DOESN'T MATTER, and it never will.

Bottom line: Jif is smoother. It feels better to say. Gif is chunky.

Related comment: it totally blew my mind when I heard someone pronounce FAQ as "Eff Ay Qu" rather than "fack."
That was a lot of words to get to "I do it wrong." :)

I appreciate the chunky/smooth joke at the end, too.
I've worked on web stuff for 15 years, currently at a company which is sorta big in Hillsboro. No one here has EVER said 'jif' in my hearing.
Bobby - full disclosure: I also regularly say, "orjanic" and "jelson's". And yes, my girlfriend wants to wring my neck!
Billy Dee Williams says "jiff" because the Hard G is the enemy of smooth.
Moms ain't shit/choose-y moms choose Jif/your mom slobbed my knob and made me shoot the .gif(t)

Not directed at you, Bobby. Just sorta came out of me.
As the only person to ever record a blogtown rap, you are allowed to shoot the gift whenever you wish.
I've only ever heard it as "gif" except from people who were doing it wrong.
Reading this has put me in the mood for a gyro.
I continue to admire your gusto Bobby. But I can't bring myself to care about the topic all that much.