Portland Copwatch Made Flashcards for the Police Bureau


Since Dan Handleman is such an expert, why doesn't he give his number to PPB dispatch so that he may be called to situations like this.

In all seriousness, he and the rest of Copwatch are extremely critical of actions taken by police when they have zero knowledge of how/why police handle situations the way they do.

He bitches and moans when things go bad and offers no solutions other than asinine flash cards? What a douche.
The body's were subsequently taken in for questioning. No further insight was revealed.
Are those last two - the knife and the metal bar - supposed to not be weapons?
I'm pretty sure Dan has a lot more knowledge than the "zero" you're citing there, having spent a couple of decades devoted to figuring out why these things happen as often as they do around here, and suggesting solutions, which are never ever implemented.

Matter of fact, there's lots of people making suggestions that are pretty much never heeded: even some federal ones. Mostly because any time we try to talk about this, some douchesack starts whining about how the rest of us just don't understand the reality on the ground, and how you must never complain about bad cops.
To the first comment -

Funny how you've augmented your fake name to now include Dennis C. Theriault as well, you must be clever as shit.

So since you so clearly long to live in a fascist gestapo police-state, how about this: YOU move to Bahrain or Russia or Israel or some other oppressive Hell-on-Earth country where the police/state police/security forces etc. covet full govt.-backed reign to just crush the living shit out of anyone who dares has something to say about their miserable existence. How about you do that, eh? You love cops soo goddamn much, might as well move to a country that's pretty much nothing but cops!
@Clifton Brooks: If you hate cops so much why don't you move to someplace that doesn't have a functioning justice system, like Somalia or East St Louis?
@ rich bachelor,

Zero. I'll stick by that statement. A couple of decades of trying to figure something out won't give you common sense. Common sense is what is lacking in many solutions offered. Handleman and Copwatch have unrealistic expectations of what police are able to do, what they should do and the amount of risk they should expose themselves to.

As for you, Clifton (damos), you're not worth the effort it takes to respond.
Shame on Handleman for publishing a satirical response to an incredibly tragic event. We need to take better care of our mentally ill citizens, and I feel like any reasonable person knows deep down that it was not necessary for the PPB to kill this person.
It seems like Dan Handelman won't be satisfied until there are as many police officers killed as there are those killed by police. Yes, there have been some tactical errors made by the police in some instances. For the most part, the situation was precipitated by the individual that ended up dead (with notable exceptions, including James Chasse).

I have known a fair number of police officers, including some involved in officer involved shooting deaths. And I have no doubt that none of them went to work on the days in question anticipating or desiring to shoot and kill anyone. The fact is, it is part of their job to do the dirty work for the rest of society. Complicated things can happen quickly, and even the best training can't predict every situation. Copwatch has a role in the grand scheme to question police behavior and policy, and the police have an obligation to continually improve their policies and training. But in the end, police officers are chosen from human society as a whole, which will always have its failings.
"As for you, Clifton (damos), you're not worth the effort it takes to respond."


Apparently I am, fuckface. Thanks for making the effort.
^everyones got a fuckface. That's not a put down.
To our thirty-ninth president: but that's just the problem, underneath your cutesy bullshit argument.
All of us who have a problem with individual officers who either have done wrong on one specific occasion or repeatedly do terrible shit but never have to pay for it are repeatedly given some variety of what you said or what that jackhole up top said.

Remember please: the rest of us aren't stupid. We're aware that not all cops are bad. But we would really like it if we could have an honest conversation about it when individual cops do bad things. Without some shithead telling us we clearly hate all cops, without fatuous bullshit about all cops being humans, which we already knew.
Hey Handelman --

For accuracy's sake, shouldn't some of the images on your flash cards be blurry, have a dark background, and be distributed to the police by someone running right at them while screaming threats?