Superman, Bigotry, and Portland's Comics Shops


Well do they Love comics, or merely Like them?
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Kind of like saying no record store should carry any Nugent albums because he's an asshole...
Card totally confuses me. Speaker for the Dead (2nd in the Ender series) is a thoughtful exploration of all that he apparently abhors. That book is nothing if not a story of objectivity and "differentness." How could the same brain that created the Pequeninos ( --a species that mates with trees--hate something as benign as gays loving gays? I will never understand.
Well according to his wiki page, Orson Scott Card is a Mormon. So what the fuck else would one expect???
Cosmic Monkey seems to have the right stance. Hard to police every writer, artist, etc. represented in the average comic store. Any kind of book store also has to take first amendment issues seriously. I used to buy alternative or underground comics that were filled with puerile, R-rated and otherwise offensive stuff. I never assumed the store owners endorsed or agreed with the content. They sold it because they're in the business of offering free speech materials to readers to judge the quality for themselves.
I hope these places opt against carrying this. Objectionable content is one thing, carrying an author who is aggressively, publicly forward with his bigoted views is another. I would feel dirty carrying it. I might think less of stores that do. Just me. I like to think the marketplace can sort these things out in the long run, the same way that cake store in Gresham will likely eventually alienate enough potential customers to hurt their bottom line. But it'll take buyers and stores together to do so.
FYI, it's "I Like Comics," though I'm sure Chris loves them too.
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After actually reading the article Card is quoted from, I would not be so quick to label him a bigot. His statements included in this article are taken out of context, his complete point should be considered before jumping to conclusions and getting all riled up. There is a clear difference difference between standing for your beliefs and outright hating, I don't think anyone could rightly accuse him of the latter.
I think his politics are pretty fucking offensive in a lot of ways. But I'm a big believer in the freedom of speech and I have a problem with boycotts of unrelated stuff in this way. Like one of the comics dealers in the article said, they can't be expected to police everything created by everyone who said something awful at some point.

If we were to apply that principle rigorously, there would be nothing left to read. Why is no one boycotting the new Oz movie? Why has no one asked whether Powell's will pull his stuff from the shelves? This idea does greater harm to free speech than it protects any underprivileged group.

I am also confident that his bigotry will not affect his work on Superman. I've read most of the Ender books and it didn't taint any of that writing.