Pier Park Sequoia Comes Thunking Down in Pieces: "It's Like a Body"


There's much better coverage of this over on BikePortland *ahem*.

Sounds like "Friends of Pier Park" and the St. Johns Neighborhood Association have been involved all along and gave their blessing to this plan in order to save the rest of the grove.
I normally don't like to be negative on the Internet. But god damn. People from St. John's* need to lay off the pipe and booze every once in awhile.

*I live in St. John's, so I can say whatever I want about my neighbors. I have years of regrettable experience.
They had to knock this down in order to allow a shortcut shot on the dog-leg 3rd hole of the frisbee golf course.
It's a tree, for crying out loud.

A few years back I had to take out a pine in my backyard that had been topped several times before. Sure enough, some damn woman tried to flip me some shit about it when I was mowing the front.

"It's like a body" ?? Oh, for fucks sake....puh-leeze.