The Walking Dead (and Girls) Chitty-Chat Club!


Every time I think I've run out of reasons to call WD the worst show in TV history it surprises me with something new. Sure, the acting and writing were god-awful, as usual. This week it was bad editing and character inconsistencies, which is hard to accomplish since most of these people are consistently simple and awful.

Unless I zoned out a few weeks ago (which is quite likely, honestly) didn't the prison dolts lock up Tyrese and co.? I don't remember them breaking out ever. Suddenly, they appear in the woods after being absent for a show and half? WTF?

More weird editing-lots of quick jumps from woods to town, to prison to town again. Seems on a zombie show there might be some tension created by, I don't know, showing people trying to traverse terrain while the undead try to eat your face. Best to skip over all that so we can highlight the superior acting set to the fascinating backdrop of a prison, right? Well chosen, WD!

The Guv clearly doesn't trust Andrea. He has Milton track her, and follow her out of town. He tells her she can't come back. Then suddenly she's back (to give him "the night of his life." SHUDDER), out of the blue, he shows no suspicion, let's his guard down and bangs her thigh crease? WTF??

Girls was great. Jessa is indeed terrible. Rosanna Arquette is still super hot and I was happy to see her on TV again!

I'm going to create a cross-promo spin-off called "Milton and Andrea" where the free-spirit next store neighbor is Jessa. This idea is so lethal, it could end television for good. Now that the idea is even out there, I'm a little worried....