If You Haven't Listened to This American Life's Two-Parter on Harper High School...


Strictest gun laws in the country, Chicago.
Clearly not strict enough, make people registrar before they buy bullets and tax the hell out of them. That would work for me.
Great episodes. The adults who never give up on their kids are fucking saints.
@Spindles What this episode of TAL failed to point out is that the city of Chicago is not among the ten cities with the highest rate of homicides committed with a gun. That honor goes to the city of New Orleans.

The restrictions on gun ownership has curbed violence in Chicago, but as TAL points out, Chicago should also spend more money on counselors and neighborhood violence mediators. Since most homicides occur in just nine percent of Chicago, it should be obvious where the city should focus its efforts.
Hey Spindles! They address that in the episodes. You can partially blame loose gun laws in Indiana.
If you look at the national data for violent crime using the FBI's own statistics, violent crime has steadily dropped by 50% since 1992. Violent crime is double the national average in metropolitan area's where the population is over 250,000. But if you dissect that data even further you can actually pinpoint the neighborhoods where the bulk of the violent crime is coming from.

Our media and politicians could give a shit about addressing the root cause of violent crime. They use their positions of privilege to promote their own parallel agenda.
Of course, when US "special operations" ship in narcotics on C-130's and distribute them in urban area's so that Wells Fargo, HSBC, and the other mega-banks can launder the profits, HUD can take over real-estate whose value has plunged due to violent crime, and private prisons can boost their stock from all the new inmates ..... makes you wonder if it isn't more profitable to maintain the status quo. As long as responsible gun owners are disarmed, that is.

FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 1

FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 16

FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 8
And where the hell has fidelity axiom been lately?
@ Spindles:

Yeah, he kind of left you to the lions...