Small Pond, Little Ripples, Last Splash: Wizard World Sum-Up Kicks Rocks at Comics Community


Thank you Bobby! It's frustrating to read such dismissive pieces on Portland's comic conventions. Stumptown is an amazing show (and I know I'm incredibly biased) that does what no other show does; caters to the independent artist. Rose City accomplished something few cons do in their first year and has made wise choices to make sure they have a successful trajectory. Perhaps Duin could spend less time lauding the "big box" con and more time talking about why the shows we do have are wonderful and why they should get more attention.
Wow, Duin wrote something that isn't about his wife and kids.
Maybe the local community wants the more modest type of convention. Maybe Stumptown is to Wizard World as Pickathon is to Sasquatch. I.e. better.

Have we really been missing Henry Winkler appearances?
See how this article is nicely composed and sites various sources as well as multiple sides of the story? I LIKE that shit.
Out of curiosity, why is everyone trashing Wizard World for putting on, what by most accounts was a good, fun convention. I get that we want to support local conventions but this doesn't appear to be hurting anyone. Emerald City sold out with Portland being a week before, Stumptown and Rose City will most likely do well. Now we just have a lot more conventions to attend.

Also, this term "Big Box" is pretty amusing. I spoke with one of the organizers at the convention and they only have like 12 employees that put together all their shows.
I'd still like to know whether it was Wizard itself or "just" one of the exhibitors who advertised on Craigslist seeking workers, who would be paid significantly less than Oregon minimum wage.
Why don't you just ask them? Their information in on the website.