Timbers Army: Do Ask, Do Tell—Loud And Proud


How does the Freddy Montero chant using sexual assault allegations as the punchline factor into that policy?
Considering there isn't really a universal link between rape and homophobia, I'm guessing not much. Are you also implying there's something inherently homophobic about Tetris?
I occassionally enjoy a good baseball game, but rabid sports fans are about the stupidest people on the planet
Sunday is such an awesome person, as is her wife (and Andrew, for that matter), and the TA is a supportive, tight-knit group that looks after one another and welcomes comers of all stripes. There are other well-known gay couples in the Timbers Army, and Sunday's isn't even the only rainbow flag that hangs on the north end wall: http://www.soccercityusa.com/main/wp-conte…

Everyone keeps saying Rogers retired, but all he said is he needed to "step away". I hope that in absence of playing, he realizes how much he loves the game, sees all the support from players and fans, and decides to return (though I know he's also unhappy about the concept of Chicago owning his MLS rights, and he might not even be able to find a job given his recent injuries and poor form). The sports world needs someone like him on the field. I'm tired of every gay athlete coming out after their career is over.
Mike: if that is a response to my comment, we're not talking about the same thing. Google "Freddy Montero no means no".
Uhh, yes we are, Chuck, and exactly. This is a blog post about RR and homophobia, and you're talking about the "no means no" chant, as if they're at all related. Unless you just think all chants are homophobic.

(By the way, while it still would've been painfully strained, your comment perhaps would've been just a little less strained had you referenced the Burpo chant instead of Montero. Google it.)
"Nothing racist/homophobic/sexist/etc. should come out of your mouth, fingers, whatever. We do not tolerate this AT ALL! The best way to not say anything racist/homophobic/sexist/etc. is to not be a racist, homophobe, sexist, etc. You will get tossed, and you won’t be welcome back. Ever."

This is what my comment is in reference to. The entire post wasn't about homophobia. The "no means no" chant is at least sexist, arguably racist and definitely tolerated.
If that's your takeaway from this post, the TA, and "tolerance," I don't really know what to tell you. Carry on hating, I guess.