PSU Art and Social Practice MFA Students Present ‘Poultry Party’

Portland, OR. – PSU Art and Social Practice MFA Students will host a storytelling event titled ‘Poultry Party’ taking place at Fieldwork, 1101 SW Jefferson St., on March 9th 2013. Featuring short stories about chickens told by members of the audience, Poultry Photography by Sarah Gilbert, and 5 adorable baby chickens.

PSU Art and Social Practice MFA Students is proud to bring Poultry Party to Fieldwork, located at 1101 SW Jefferson St, on Saturday, March 9th. We're looking for people to come tell stories about chickens for this open mic style event. Stories should be approximately 5-­10 minutes in length and appropriate for all ages. All stories will be recorded and selections will be made available online. Local photographer Sarah Gilbert will be shooting portraits with live chickens.
Bring your chicken in for a more personalized portrait session. If you forget or don't have a bird, we'll supply you with one for the photo shoot.

Doors open at 3pm and Storytelling goes from 3:30pm till 6pm. This event is free to the public.

More information is available on our website:­2013/

...Okay, I know, but I have a chicken story. Want to hear it? No? I DON'T CARE!

When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to play "Hide the Chicken," which, no, is not some weird hick euphemism, but in fact a very literal description of a game that entailed us bringing chickens into my friend's bedroom, turning out the lights, waiting for the birds to fall asleep, and then stashing them around the room for each other to find. (Chickens really are just the fucking dumbest creatures.) But then her mom made us stop because the chickens had mites. TRUE CHICKEN STORY.

Other chicken stories in my repertoire involve chickens having their wings ripped off by racoons, chickens laying eggs we thought were unfertilized until we tried to make a cake, and chickens not being pets.

Also, they should rename this event "Chicken Chat."

Good day.