Welcome to episode two of my continuing effort to document Portland's small victories and unsung heroes.

[1] Tiny giraffe chained to the street.
In my last episode, I mentioned how much joy I get out of the tiny horses chained to the street. Alert reader Virginia sent me this picture of a tiny giraffe chained up while her owners are inside. I love you guys so much.

  • Courtesy @thayerve on Instagram

[2] OMSI After Dark, or more generally, adults-only events at kid places.
Last week I had a nightmare that people were making fun of me for not being to tie my shoes. While I'm technically an adult, I'm emotionally seven. So it's nice that OMSI recognizes that some of us want to play with the block crane without waiting in a line of children. Other establishments should learn from this (psst, I'm talking to you, Portland Zoo and sketchy Portland Aquarium).

[3] Unnecessary bike delivery
I love people who make things unnecessarily hard on themselves and Portlanders do that as well as anybody. The harder it is the more we seem to like it. Selling Tacos by bike isn't that hard, so Clever Cycles is upping the ante by delivering hot tubs. I predict that in six months something is going to be delivered by horse and buggy. "If you're on the east side, we're going to have to caulk the taco truck and float it across."

[4] Solar powered garbage compactors
These have gone a long way towards fixing the overflowing downtown trashcans but I especially like the touch of having beautiful pictures of the city on them. I'm especially fond of this one because I assume the people in it don't know their faces are on a garbage can.

Someday, Ill be famous enough to have my picture on a trashcan.
  • Someday, I'll be famous enough to have my picture on a trashcan.

[5] Bagel shops popping up to replace Kettleman's.
We don't need a natural disaster to prove we know how to pull together in a crisis. When Kettleman's got purchased by the fast food bagel BAKERY that shall not be named, we rose up as a city and offered twice as many good bagels as we lost. Kenny & Zuke's are still my favorite and they answered the call by turning Sandwichworks into a Bagelworks. New, amazing bagel shops are popping up all the time. Because Portland is full of heroes.

Keep up the good work, Portland. Nominations for Acts of Awesomeness? E-mail me.