There's a lot of Herzog in town this week: Living Room Theaters has Happy People: A Year in the Taiga, Jack Reacher just hit the beer theaters, and Into the Abyss is at PSU's Fifth Avenue Cinema (510 SW Hall).

Our full review of Into the Abyss is here, but—just like all Herzog's films—the short version is that it's very much worth seeing, even if certain aspects of the film will rub you the wrong way. (Given the subject matter, it's pretty much guaranteed that some will.) Showtimes are Fri-Sat at 7 and 9:30, Sun at 3; admission's free for PSU students, $3 for everybody else, and they always have free popcorn.

In case you aren't in the mood to see some Herzog, (A) what's wrong with you, and (B) the rest of the movies you can go see this weekend are here.

Ned suggests that you see Willow. Ned always suggests that you see Willow.